The AconityMIDI+ represents Aconity3D‘s newest machine concept for efficient industrial LPBF application. The exchangeable process chamber allows for parallelized setup times yielding decreased part costs. For maximum material flexibility and quality assurance, high temperature preheating of up to 1000 °C and Aconity3D‘s all-new process monitoring system are available. The AconityMIDI+ is also available with up to 4 Lasers in the QUATTRO-Laser configuration, further increasing productivity.

As for all Aconity systems, the AconityMIDI+ is equipped with the web-based control software AconitySTUDIO, allowing for remote access to all relevant process parameters and machine components.

The AconityMIDI+ is available with a revolutionary Multi-Material powder deposition system, allowing for the manufacturing of Dual-Metal parts.

The passivation of the filter ensures fluent 3D printing and decreases operational expenses. Recycling of the powder can be optionally performed by AconitySIEVE – an automatic sieving station utilizing inert gas to prevent material degradation.

Technical Specification

Build Space
Ø 250 mm x H 250  mm
Ø 170 mm x H 250  mm (optional reduction)
Ø 100 mm x H 250  mm (optional reduction)
Ø 55 mm x H 250  mm (optional reduction)
Laser Configuration
Up to 4x Single Mode 400 W / 500 W / 700 W / 1000 W
Optics Configuration / Spot Size

F-Theta / 80 μm
3D Scan unit / 80 – 500 μm

Process Monitoring Options
Coaxial pyrometer
Coaxial high speed CMOS
Camera for inline process view
Thermo camera for lateral process monitoring in IR spectrum
Preheating Temp / Build Space
500 °C / Ø 250 mm x H 180 mm
1000 °C / Ø 150 mm x H 150 mm
Max. Scan Speed
12 m/s
Layer Thickness
Down to 10 μm
Inert Gas Type / Pressure

Argon 4.6 / 6 bar
Nitrogen / 6 bar

Inert Gas Consumption

< 5 l/ min during process
< 30 l/ min during purging

Residual Oxygen Content
< 100 ppm
Pressurized Air Type / Pressure
ISO 8573-1:2010 [1:4:1]/ 6 bar
Pressurized Air Consumption
< 50 l/ min
Machine Dimensions (W X D X H)
2700 mm x 1800 mm x 3000 mm
Machine Weight w/o Powder
1600 kg

Worth noticing – FIRST EVER DUAL-METAL PART PRINTED VIA LPBF – The first multi-material copper/steel part is printed by means of LPBF on an AconityMIDI+. For that purpose, the system is equipped with the optional all new powder deposition system from Aerosint. The processed material combination was stainless steel (1.4404) and a copper alloy (CuCrZr).

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