Metal AM is a complex process. In order to be able to print the component flawlessly or even to be able to use the full potential of the technology, the experience and teamwork of all the personnel involved are necessary. The printed component is always the result of a compromise between design, pre-processing, 3D printing, and post-processing. It is our mission to provide the customers with the necessary support that allows them to get the most out of metal AM. Hence, Design for AM and Production are an inherent part of our service portfolio. Besides customer support, we also offer our personnel capabilities and machinery equipment as an on-demand service for the customers that find outsourcing of metal AM services more suitable than keeping them in-house.

For those who are considering metal AM as a technology suitable for their business, we provide Consulting services to assist them with their decision. Is metal AM suitable for our desired applications? Is it worth purchasing the AM machine or is outsourcing enough? We are there for you to resolve these questions with you.

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